We at NorthShore Window Treatments are ready for springtime. Are you? If you’ve been cooped up in your house all winter, you might be tired of your same drab decor day after day. It’s time to brighten up your living space with some light and breezy spring flair! Here are a few small ways you can transform your living room with the turn of the seasons.

Featured Flora

Nothing says spring like a blooming array of flowers. You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of tulips on your mantle or a wildflower centerpiece on your coffee table. If you aren’t blessed with a green thumb or can’t afford to refill or replace your vase every week, faux plants are looking more realistic than ever these days, and they’re the perfect substitute. Mix and match your flower arrangements or choose a common theme that complements your home’s color palette.

Sheer Shades

Heavy draperies and curtains are ideal in the winter because they can reduce heat loss by up to 10%. In the spring, though, it might be time for new window treatments, ones that are lighter and airier. Sheer shades will let in more natural sunlight, brightening up your living space, breathing new life into your home.

Many Mirrors

Anyone with a small living space knows this old trick — hang mirrors around the room to make the area appear larger. This hack also works with dark spaces. Mix and match mirrors of various sizes for a bit of flair or strategically place your mirrors opposite windows to allow the light to bounce across the room. Adding glass accents will also facilitate the movement of light. The more shine the better this spring!

Thematic Throws

Many people prefer neutral shades for walls and bigger furniture pieces. This way they can include pops of color that are easily switched out to suit the season. In the winter, jewel tones like emerald greens and deep purples make excellent accent colors. But when the sun reemerges in the spring, we’re all about brighter colors and pastel hues that complement your sheer shades. Tossing in some throw pillows and blankets in your preferred light shade is an easy way to spruce up your living room for the springtime. Floral prints are also perfect this time of year.

Feeling inspired? Check out our array of sheer shades and other light window treatments today!

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