WHY MOTORIZE?  The Top 10 Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

Automation Leads Us Into the Future

Smart homes are one of many great leaps we’ve made into the future; if you’re not already controlling your appliances, lights, HVAC, and security systems from your phone or tablet, you will be soon. Voice controlled devices like Amazon Alexa®, Google Home®, and Apple Homepod® are also quickly gaining popularity and becoming a staple in homes across the U.S. It’s no surprise either, with their ability to play music, set alarms, and tell you the weather forecast or latest news upon request – they simply make everyday life easier. These innovative devices are fueling the growing trend to adopt smart home benefits and efficiency; and like many industries, window treatment manufacturers have taken notice of the need for automated products. “Alexa… open the living room shades” is now part of the smart-home mix!

Both Hunter Douglas® and Graber® have embraced emerging technologies; creating intelligent hubs and motorization that make it much easier to integrate your shades, blinds, or draperies with home automation systems. There are many benefits to going motorized; syncing your window treatments to work in perfect harmony with your smart lights, thermostat, and entertainment systems is only one of many highly sought after advantages. Read more below.

Motorized Window Treatments

10 Top Benefits of Choosing Motorized Window Treatments

1. Simplicity

With the push of one button, you can control single shades or every shade in the room simultaneously. No longer will you have to struggle with hard to reach windows that are behind furniture or up too high. If you have lots of windows, automation will help you save a little time every day and night that you can use however you’d like. Motorized shades and blinds are also the perfect solution if your elderly parents have difficultly reaching or operating their window treatments.

2. Lower Energy Bills

Solar power, proper insulation, and more have been a growing trend in homeowners’ efforts to more effectively manage their energy consumption; installing motorized shades, sheers, and blinds can help you increase energy efficiency now too. With automated, hub based systems, it’s easy to integrate your window treatments with smart thermostats, like the Nest® Ecobee® Lyric® or Honeywell®; allowing you to control room temperature with window adjustments before using the HVAC system to heat or cool your home. Integrating a sun sensor with your smart-home devices means your blinds can lower or rise on their own even if you’re away. This important feature helps manage your home’s heat gain during summer months and heat loss in the wintertime.

3. Improve Home Resale Value

Since most window treatments are attached directly to the home, buyers expect that they’ll be included in their purchase. Today, motorized shades and blinds are especially desirable and in high demand by prospective home buyers for their ease of use, ability to synch with smart-home devices, and green features that boost energy efficiency.

4. Set the Mood

Need some mood lighting for a special occasion or while entertaining? Your voice command, phone app, or remote-controlled window treatments will gladly assist. It’s easy to store predefined room “scenes” to orchestrate and manage your artificial light, favorite music, and more to create the perfect setting.

5. Boost Privacy

Motorized window treatments are a favorite among homeowners who enjoy their privacy. Do you have windows in close proximity to a neighbor’s house, or worries that passersby can easily peer through your windows from the street? Simply push a button to lower your shades at any time and even setup automated scenes to close your window coverings at the desired times daily. Many home owners like the top-down, bottom-up feature of honeycomb shades the most; which can also be easily motorized and automated.

6. Wake Up Peacefully

For many people alarm clocks have been replaced by cell phones. Once motorization is added to your windows, you’ll have the option to get a peaceful wakeup call from nature. Adjust your shades to gently wake you each morning by letting in the sunlight when it’s time to get up; leave behind the days you woke up startled and annoyed.

7. Cordless & Kid Friendly

Motorization means no unsightly strings or cords. Say good-bye to those pesky tangled cords hanging from the shades; and more importantly, eliminate all possibilities of your children or pets playing with your blinds. Cordless window treatments are attractive and easy.

8. UV Protection

Motorized shades will help you protect your woodwork, upholstery fabrics, floors, and artwork from UV damage and inevitable fading. Your window treatments can close and adapt automatically during the harshest part of sunny days.

9. Security

Window treatments can deter thieves and intruders when coupled with home automation systems, by giving the appearance that you’re still at home. Simply schedule the operation of your shades and blinds while you’re away on holidays or business trips. With hub based systems, if you forget to preprogram things you can still easily control your shades and windows remotely via your mobile phone or tablet.

10. Fun Shopping Experience

Most often, our married shoppers are split with one spouse interested in the search for the perfect fabrics, interior design looks, styles, or colors of their new window treatments while the other prioritizes the technology and home automation options. Whether you’re shopping together or alone, new motorized window coverings are a project anyone can enjoy and appreciate in the years ahead. The end results will impress family and friends too – especially when you control them with a remote, your smart phone, or by voice command.

Thinking About Upgrading to Motorized Blinds & Shades?

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