Did you know that by the year 2021, it is forecast that shipments of window coverings to residents in the United States is expected to reach over $3.1 billion dollars? That’s a lot of window coverings, and a lot of that is blinds and shades. Installing these window treatments in your home is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to cover your windows and change the appearance of any room in an instant.

If you are having a hard time choosing the right Chicago custom window treatments to grace the windows of your home, then you should read on below for a few of the top advantage to be had by choosing shades and blinds as your window coverings of choice.

Control the Amount of Light Entering Your Home

One advantage of any type of window treatment, whether Its window insulating shades or horizontal blinds is being able to control the amount of light that is entering the room. If you want to sleep during the day, you simply pull the shades so that you can sleep. If you’re craving the sun, then raise the blinds or pull back the curtains and let the light shine in.

For Protection
The biggest advantage by far of new window treatments is the protection they offer the furnishings in your home. Whether you choose motorized blinds, roman shades, or flowing curtains they are capable of keeping the heat and the sun out of your home.

When windows aren’t covered the sun shines in on the furnishings eventually causing them to fade, become cracked, and even damaged due to UV rays. By choosing window coverings, you are protecting your furniture and preventing damage from occurring. These coverings also keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in when the winter snows are piling up outside as well.

Gives Your Family Privacy

Proper window coverings give you the privacy you need when you want it. It’s simple to pull the blinds or draw the shades and leave the rest of the world on the outside where they belong. This is especially useful if you have a home office and don’t want prying eyes to see the equipment you have in the room. Being able to draw the curtains keeps intruders from canvasing your home to see what they can see from the outside as well.

The Variety of Styles and Colors

The days when you had white blinds and off-white shades to choose from are long gone. In today’s modern world there are many different styles, colors, and designs to choose from when it comes to window treatments. This means that you can choose the right window coverings to match any décor or room in your home if ease.

Save on the Energy Bills

Everyone wants to drive down their energy bills, no matter what season it is. The right window treatments, especially Chicago blinds and shades can help reduce your summer and winter bills, thereby leaving more money in your pocket. They also help you go green because your HVAC unit will have to work less to cool and heat your home.

When it comes to choosing window coverings for your home, you have choices galore. Whether you decide to cover your windows with blinds and shades or curtains and shutters, you have a wealth of choices out there to choose from.

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